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This program allows me to distribute CDs and have the file of my choice automatically open when the CD is inserted (provided autorun is enabled and there is a program capable of reading the file). All that is needed are the following files and the file you want to automatically open. You need to change the myfile line in the myfile.ini file so that it has the correct file name of the file you want to open (see screenshot below). The icon file can be any icon file you wish, but you need to change the autorun.ini file so that it contains the correct file name.

You may freely download these files for your own use for no charge. However, because I am offering them for free I do not offer free support.


myfile.ini screen

The myfile.ini file contains the name of the file you want to have Autorun open. This image shows it will open the web page named default.htm (you need to include the extension when naming the file). This line can be changed to whatever file you want to autorun when you insert the CD.

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