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Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) allows greater customization and control of your Microsoft Office Applications (Excel, Word, Access, Powerpoint). From simple macros to perform repeated tasks to custom programs tailored to your specific needs, VBA gives your Office Applications incredible power.

My current rates are:
$30/hr for small projects (less than 7 hours)
$25/hr for large projects (more than 7 hours)
Contact me for pricing specific to your project.

Below are some screen shots of a program under development. This program uses VBA and Excel to create a mass balance for a waste treatment facility. It has the flexibility to include a few pieces of equipment or more than 100 and the power to calculate and track the path of material through the system (including efficiencies of each piece of equipment). It will then have the ability to draw the diagram of the facility and display user selected data for each piece of equipment.

Mass Balance password screen
The opening screen prompts you for the password to enter the Mass Balance Program. If incorrect the program closes. This password security is further enhanced by the encrypted password generator I created (that program can be seen by clicking here).

Mass Balance equipment screen
This screen uses drop-down lists so the user can select the quantity of each piece of equipment in their system.

Mass Balance data screen
The user is then taken to each of the screens for each of the pieces of equipment selected so they can enter the required data. Once all of the data is entered all of the calculations are performed. The next step of the program will ask the user to select the information they want displayed and then draw the diagram of the facility with the user information displayed.
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