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The following calculators use Javascript to allow customers to estimate the costs of projects or performance efficiency of their equipment.

Dewatering Calculator

Use this calculator to get an estimate of the cost and duration of the dewatering portion of your remediation project. Actual costs may vary depending on the final assessment of the project. For a more detailed and specific quote please go to our Contacts page for information on contacting us.

Data Input
Basin Width ft
Basin Length ft
Basin Area acres
Basin Depth ft
Daily Operation hrs/day
Weekly Operation days/week
% of Basin Filled %
Sludge Consistency in Basin %
Number of Belt Presses  
Peripheral Equipment Cost $  
(tanks, transfer pumps, conveyance equipment)
Duration and Cost of Your Dewatering Project
Click the appropriate circle: - Use width and length to calculate.
- Use acres to calculate.
Time to Clean Basin Months
Project Cost $  
Project Cost $ /cuyd

Efficiency Calculators

Make sure your equipment is performing the way it should be. Use the efficiency calculators below. If your equipment is not performing properly we can help. Go to our Contacts page for information on contacting us.

Primary Clarifier Efficiency  
Influent Flow MGD  
Influent Solids ppm TSS  
Effluent Solids ppm TSS  
Sludge Removal Flow gpm  
Solids Removal Efficiency %
Secondary Clarifier Efficiency  
MLSS ppm  
Final Effluent Flow MGD  
Final Effluent Solids ppm TSS  
RAS Flow MGD  
WAS Flow gpm  
Solids Removal Efficiency %
Dewatering Equipment Efficiency  
Sludge Flow 1 gpm  
Sludge Solids 1 %  
Sludge Flow 2 gpm  
Sludge Solids 2 %  
Cake Solids %  
Filtrate Solids ppm  
Wash Water/Dilution Water Flow gpm  
Solids Capture Efficiency %

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